Emma J. Company

“Creator. Designer of all things Geode, Drusy and Gem creations. Living a positive life while accessorizing daily.”

Hello hello!

My name is Kaylene, I am the owner designer of Emma J. Company and I specialize in handmade jewelry and selling handcrafted items from South America. My career changed after the birth of my daughter, Emma-Juliet whom I have named the Co. after. From that point on my path is ever twisting and evolving. I was able to take my first love and education in the Fine Arts and put it to good use by creating a jewelry line that can be worn for everyday, bringing a style all its own to your outfit.

I work mainly with healing crystals, beaded chains, geode and crystal pendants giving this line not only a sense of fashion but also a healing quality.  What started out as just a hobby has now turned into “oh so much more” the possibilities are endless! I hope you fall in love with these beauties just as much as I have…

Sincerely yours,

Kaylene DeVries

Emma J. Company