Emma J. Company

Emma J. Co x Dawn McCoy



Known for her shimmering personality and all-inclusive, enthusiastic approach to life, we couldn’t think of anyone better than host, speaker, voiceover actor, and tv & social media personality, Dawn McCoy, to team up with for our first collaboration.
Host of the podcast “Dine & Dish with Dawn,” and creator of the inspiring blog,Dawnspiration, Dawn lights up any room with her spirit, much like our jewels light up anyone wearing them.
What does the collaboration mean to Dawn? “Together, Emma J and I created a collection filled with magic, charm and whimsy that appeals to both the woman you are and the girl you once were.
This collection is the happy marriage where those two girls meet…and have a birthday party for themselves. And, I like these girls very much. Best of all, they like themselves and make it their mission to inspire other women to 'live a life they love.’
And, I am so proud that a portion of our net proceeds will be donated to No Kid Hungry, an organization that fights hunger every day for which I am a proud ambassador.”